Rowdy Rebel Says Him and Bobby Shmurda Have No Beef With 50 Cent

Rowdy Rebel set the record straight on the alleged beef between 50 cent and himself and Bobby Shmurda. According to Rowdy, there is no beef. The “Gang” rapper was recently recorded in a phone conversation clearing him and Bobby’s name.

“I don’t care about nobody doing what they doing. Keep my name out your mouth,” Rowdy said. “When I get to the streets, I get to the streets. It’s your boy Rowdy, all that speculation is all talk. Don’t believe none of that sh*t, man. I’m a loving guy.”

The caption on Rowdy’s IG account read, “We applaud em all! No nonsense here #Freerowdy #freebobby #Freegs9 all the diss tracks and hype Instagram videos, yall keep the bullsh*t to yourselves !”

Rowdy’s team also issued a PSA to all media outlets regarding the Rowdy and Bobby’s so-called beef with 50 Cent.

The message read, “…Note to all media! Rowdy and Bobby do no have anything to do with any drama related to 50 cent please listen to his previous recording!”

P Gutta of Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 recently posted a video online asking NYPD officer why they escorted 50 Cent out of Club Lust.

Gutta went on to share a clip of Rick Ross’ Breakfast Club interview where the MMG boss refers to Fif as the “police.”

“Anybody that know Curtis knows he’s the police himself,” Ross said. “It’s footage of the GS9 homies pressing him when he was just in New York. He had more cops than goddamn Donald Trump.”

The caption on Gutta’s IG read, “Bark on dat #lol- @richforever nothing more weird then a tuff guy wit a get outta jail free card! I’ll go to jail fuccin wit @50cent #FACTS – I’m good #FEEMYHOTTS #GSCGS94LIFE.”

A few weeks ago, Gutta and his guys were camped outside of Brooklyn’s Club Lust on Thanksgiving night waiting on Fif to exit, according to posts on the rapper’s IG account.

“@50cent I told you I don’t want no static witchu on no street level… you got police bacc up- smfh- where they do dat at!? @ceoslow this n***a different lol hiphop police knows son by Curtis. Sh*t Crazy fool- #NOPASSES fa real #FREEMYHOTTZ #GSCGS94LIFE

“This n***a @50cent is most def. policed out… who wants beef wit dat!? Lol,” Gutta wrote on the captions of his posts.

In July, Gutta sparked controversy after checking 50.

“Yo, n*ggas got me twisted like I won’t tell Sha Money to suck my d*ck. Sha Money, you can suck my d*ck,” he said. “You left the homies in jail. F*ck you, you f****t a– n***a. F*ck you and the whole Epic. You can suck my d*ck, you can s*ck Bobby d*ck, you can s*ck Rowdy d*ck, the whole squad.”

Gutta would later backtrack on his 50 Cent diss and go on to slam Sha Money XL for not bailing Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel out of jail.