‘Roots’’ Star LeVar Burton Calls ‘Django Unchained’ ‘Fantasy’

Actor LeVar Burton, who portrayed the memorable role of Kunta Kinte in “Roots,” took to Twitter to downplay any comparisons of the television miniseries to “Django Unchained.”

Twitter user Riesgo @_riesgo_ sent Burton a message, writing, “Django is like Roots revisited.”

Burton replied, “Please, unfollow…!!!”

Burton wrote he enjoyed the Tarantino film, but it shouldn’t be regarded as historical.

“I did too! A comedy, fantasy, not in the least #REAL,” he wrote.

The Academy Awards proved to be a successful night for “Django Unchained.” The film nabbed two awards in the Best Supporting Actor and Original Screenplay categories.

Should the comparisons between “Roots” and “Django Unchained” stop? Sound off below.