Rome of M.M.G. Talks Unreleased Song With RondoNumbaNine and ‘Love All, Trust Some’ Mixtape

Rome of Marty Muggy Gang (M.M.G.) has a lot in store for the underground Hip Hop scene in 2015. Zack TV caught up with the Wild Hundreds native for the scoop on new music.

Rome, who has opened for Migos and Dej Loaf in concert, revealed he has an unreleased single featuring incarcerated rapper RondoNumbaNine stored away in the vault.

“We know Rondo from the street,” he told Zack TV. “We get down just how other motherf-ckers get down. It’s a mutual respect. Me and Rondo got a song. It ain’t never been put out though. Real sh-t.”

Rome announced his upcoming mixtape would be titled “Love All, Trust Some.” Rome’s title has special meaning to him.

“It’s real,” he said. “I love all, trust some.”