Rocaine (Glo Gang) Says Chief Keef Doesn’t Sleep

Rocaine is a newly signed artist on Chief Keef’s Glo Gang roster. The Detroit artist sat down with the Stewe Show to open up on his relationship with Sosa.

“Chief Keef my n***a in the rap game,” Rocaine said. “If you don’t f**k with Chief Keef, I don’t f**k with you. I don’t play both sides, but I f**k with that n***a. I f**k with everybody in the industry, but that n***a he the one who accepted me in his arm. Real n***a. I love that n***a. BD. He be saying that sh*t all f*****g night. On BD, on BD. Booling.”

Rocaine said Sosa doesn’t sleep.

“That’s like my brother, dog. We be getting high as a motherf****r. That n***a do not go to sleep. That sh*t be irritating because I be sleepy as a motherf****r.”

Rocaine said his time with Sosa opened his eyes to the millions that can be earned in music.

Check out Rocaine’s interview above.