Rihanna Denies Snorting C——, Threatens Legal Action

Rihanna denies snorting c—— in a video that surfaced online early Tuesday. Rihanna accused the IG user who posted the video of defamation.

She wrote, “N*gga your lame a– got some f*cking nerve!!! Any fool could see that’s a joint that I’m basing with cigarette! Who tF snorts tobacco??!! FOH witcho ‘never been to a rodeo so someone squeezing their nose means they’re doing coke’ lookin a–!!”

She added, “…This lil b*tch @1ezmoney posted it with a caption full of defamation.”

IG user @1ezmoney shot back, writing, “Defamation??? @badgirlriri #imtaxfreebitch take a piss test if everybody wrong!!! Sue me you gotta sue everybody else!!! #smh #stilllikeyamusictho #noworries #nocare b*tch ain’t important in my book!!!! #movingon.”