Rico Recklezz Says He Listens To Chief Keef and Lil Herb: ‘I Don’t Got No Opps’

Rico Recklezz said it simply: “This Chicago.”

It’s Chicago versus everybody. Recklezz is rocking with the home team, opp or not.

The “Rico Don’t Shoot Em 2” rapper called for everyone in his City to get off the beef and to the money.

“Let get this money. Chicago, we need to go crazy,” he said. “I f*ck with everybody music. This our City. Let’s go crazy. Unless you say ‘F*ck me,’ I’m f*cking with you. Motherf*ckers know. 075, that’s foenem. JoJoWorld, Wugga World… Bricksquad. …I was locked up with n*ggas from everywhere and n*ggas was f*cking with me. Kush smoke, gun smoke. I used to live by that sh*t. N*ggas f*ck with me cause they know how I do this sh*t. …I f*ck with real n*ggas. You can be whatever from wherever. You f*ck with me, I f*ck with you. I don’t got no opps.”

Rico Recklezz says his ears don’t discriminate when it comes to good Chicago Hip Hop. He even revealed he listens to Chief Keef and Lil Herb.

“I love listening to Chicago music. I get on YouTube and get to watching everybody video,” he said. “I be off everybody sh*t. I.L Will, bro a– be going crazy. My homie Killa Kellz. All the guys Rico nem. …Motherf*ckers be out here acting like they don’t listen to Chief Keef. N*ggas be out here listening to Chief Keef. That sh*t be going crazy. Herb nem be going crazy. Sosa nem be going crazy. If you go crazy with the rap sh*t, go crazy. This Chicago.”