ReeseMoneyBagz and GMEBE Bravo Drop ‘Real Sh*t’ Music Video

GMEBE and Moose Block combined talents for some good music. ReeseMoneyBagz and Bravo hooked up a hot collaboration in song “Real Sh*t.”

GMEBE Bravo opens this record, rapping, “That’s your mans, you sold him out for a pair of Robins/N****s out here think they Batman, turn myself to Robin/Never believe, just take heed cause people good at flodging.”

Reese gets open, rapping, “I done seen some mommas cry, I done seen some n****s die/This that s**t that you gon see if you be living in the Chi/If you disrespect my n****s, you’ll be living in the sky/We got 30s, we got macks, these bullets hotter than a pie.”

Watch Bravo and Reese’s Drill City Productions-directed music video above.