Reesemoneybagz and Dae Dot- ‘Wanna Be Gang’ Music Video

Everybody wants to be part of the something. Reesemoneybagz and Dae Dot say everybody “Wanna Be Gang,” but can’t really hang. This angers the two artists.

Reesemoney and Dae tap HDWizProduction for their latest video.

Reesemoneybagz raps, “Yall cannot hang were I hang/Can’t bang where I bang/Nah, yall can’t flang, what I flang/Run up on me and get flamed/30 clips all in the chamber.”

Dae raps, “N*ggas mad cause we up next, we taking off on all the rest/I know these f*ck boys, they upset.”

Watch Reesemoneybagz and Dae Dot’s music video above.