Rapper B.o.B Says ‘Everybody Wanna Be Ratchet’

A strange phenomenon has occurred in the reality television and world star era of this generation and it all can be attributed to one word- ratchet.

B.o.B noticed this trend and took to Twitter to express his opinion on the matter.

“everybody wanna be ratchet,” he wrote.

The “We Still In This B*tch” rapper may have pinned the blame of ratchetness on the musical genre of Hip Hop.

“Be proud hip-hop,” he wrote.

B.o.B purports to have grown up around ratchetness and is surprised how it has now become a trend.

“I’m familiar wit ratchet shit cuz that’s what I was around growin up… seein it be duplicated as a trend is interesting to me…

“I know to some ppl it’s natural, but others… eh… it’s all love tho… ‪#HipHopOnTop,” he wrote.

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