Prince Von’s ‘Death Of Prince Von’ EP Features Killa Kellz and P. Rico

It’s out with the old and in with the new for Chicago artist Prince Von. Von was initially going to title his much-anticipated project “Self-Inflicted Wounds.” But he opted to change the title to “Death of Prince Von.” Von is letting go bad habits to become great. Von’s tape opens with a male’s voice describing his metamorphosis into a demigod. A demigod can be best described as a mortal man with divine qualities. This can perhaps explain why Von’s artwork features a cross. I’d guess this symbolizes Von’s death and ascension to greatness.

Von’s 10-track project features guest appearances from Killa Kellz and P. Rico. Some standout tracks on this project include “Never Gone Lie,” “Whole Time” and, of course, “D.R.AK.E. II.”

Von doesn’t have to lie to kick it in “Never Gone Lie.” Lying isn’t a part of his persona. He will forever keep it real because that’s how he was built.

Von open this record, rapping, “Flexing on these n****s, make these n****s wanna kill me/So much dirty money, oh my g-d, I’m so filthy/Running through a check, gotta get it everyday/Investing and finessing got get it everyway.”

As Von says in track two, he’s as 100 as they come. Unfortunately, Von belongs to a dying breed. Von speaks on frauds in “Whole Time.”

Von raps, “Whole time she been a thot, whole time he been a opp/Whole time, he ain’t f**k with you/Whole time they ain’t rock with you.”

Von gets back into savage mode in “D.R.A.K.E. II,” rapping, “I ain’t got time for a f**k n***a/Hollow tips to a opp n****a/That punisher got a big trigger/Bet my barrel way bigger/Bullets make bounce like his name Tigger.”

Von’s project may be titled “Death of Prince Von,” but it’s far from bad news. Von is reborn in this project. He came out like a man possessed spitting divine-like bars.

Listeners can check out Prince Von’s project in full below.