Prince Eazy- ‘Drill Time Remix’ Music Video (Slim Jesus Diss)

Prince Eazy tells listeners that his “Drill Time remix” is not a diss.

“This is not a diss, I repeat. I do no pick on the weak,” he says in the opening of his record.

But it’s hard to tell because he tore the Hamilton, OH native a new one.

Eazy raps, “This ain’t no diss track I already got my fame up/My whole life I been a bad boy, getting dirty money, but I ain’t Puff/The last time, the 40 jammed on me/My opposition got shanked up/And I can’t call another man Jesus, so shorty need to change his name up/You Slim, homie/and I ain’t talking about Em, homie/Cause Halie ain’t your daughter and you ain’t never met Kim, homie.”

Slim was light work, though. Eazy went to speak on heavier topics as the song went on.

Eazy, backed by his gang, goes in on the beat in an abandoned, graffiti-filled warehouse in his Ogunz-directed music video.