Passport Trace Drops ‘Summertime Chi’ Featuring I.L Will

Passport Trace is flexing his lyrical ability in new project “Summertime Chi.”

Trace, who is mostly known for his visual production skills, alternates from behind the camera to bring the listener his branded sound of Hip Hop.

Trace is not pushing his visual production talents aside as he gets assistance from fellow videographer Phil Jordan for the song’s music video.

Trace anchors the track, rapping, “Maneuvering like a boss, swiss head movement/Busting dope moves, my work ethic is ruthless/Who begets the princess and the crucifix/Walk in, drive out in the newest whip/Talk a whole lot of sh*t, I can back it up/You ni**as real good at moving your lips/And I’m good at making money, I dare you to take it from me.”

M.I.C. rapper I.L Will follows, rapping, “What once was a dream became a reality/Ni**as break with tragedies, snitching is a casualty/Feel like I’m on my own now/S— got real, they put fatz in the ground/Summertime Chi, not everything’s nice/You might be good in the day, but you suffer cold nights/Your chain got bling, they’ll rob you for your ice/All the women thick and to get them, there’s a price/Chicago life, damn I love it/Bar-B-Que, clubbing, kicking it, thugging.”

Jasmine Princess Carter lends vocals to the track.

Check out Passport Trace’s “Summertime Chi” featuring I.L Will

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