P. Rico Urges Chiraq To ‘Stop Killing & Start Building’

P. Rico posted a powerful message for his fellow brethren surviving the tough streets of Chiraq. Rico called for fellow peers to end violence and start building their own empire.

“STOP KILLING &START BUILDING PIDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JOJOGANG,” he wrote.

The city of Chicago posted it lowest statistics in crime in recent years. Though still high, the homicide rate in 2013 totaled 415, the lowest recorded number since 1965, according to the AP. There were 506 murders recorded in 2012.

Overall crime in Chicago is down 16 percent, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Shooting incidents declined 24 percent from 2012. Sexual assaults dropped 6 percent from last year, robberies down 12 percent, serious battery down 16 percent, burglaries down 22 percent, motor vehicle thefts down 23 percent and thefts down 3 percent, according to the Tribune.

Chicago isn’t the only city recording staggering crime statistics.

A number of deadly crimes plague the urban community in metropolitan cities across the country. The remaining top 15 cities with the most murders were as follows:

Cities with the most homicides in 2012

1. Chicago | 509
2. New York | 419
3. Detroit | 386
4. Philadelphia | 331
5. Los Angeles | 299
6. Baltimore | 219
7. Houston | 217
8. New Orleans | 193
9. Dallas | 154
10. Memphis | 133
11. Oakland | 126
12. Phoenix | 124
13. St. Louis | 113
14. Kansas City | 105
15. Indianapolis | 101

Source: FBI

Despite his tumultuous background in Englewood, Rico is incorporating his very own philosophy to bolster his musical brand as he continues his climb to greatness. Rico is currently one of the most popular underground rappers in the game.

P. Rico’s buzz rivals that of many other popular artists with record deals. Rico has posted several videos to YouTube that have garnered well over millions of views, including the viral hit “Hang Wit Me.”

Rico released his solo debut mixtape “Welcome To Puerto” to positive reviews.

Rico is additionally trying his hand in the fashion arena with a clothing line. He is currently offering “Dunkin Thotiana’s” shirts.

In this era of digital and social media, videographer Fly Ty simply laid out the resources available at an artist’s fingertips to build a successful brand.


Rico’s words “start building” are very reminiscent of words spoken by the late Tupac Shakur.

Tupac regarded the lack of wealth as one of the worst issues plaguing the black family and community.

“…When you’re born, usually, you’re born to a dynasty or an empire. You’re born as a junior… following in your father’s footsteps,” he said. “…There’s none of that in the outer city. I call it the outer city cause we’re left out. No nothing. We don’t get any family heirlooms, the family crest. All the stuff you think was so important is meaningless. Come on, our family crest was cotton.”

“It’s like the only thing we can leave behind is culture, music…dignity and determination,” he continued. “That’s what we have.

“I feel as though I’m cheated because instead of me fulfilling my prophecy I have to start one,” he said. “Instead of doing a good job in carrying on the empire, I have to build one. That’s a hell of a job for a 21-year-old. That’s a hell of a job for any youngster, male or female…to have to build an empire for your family.”

Tupac talked using Hip Hop as a means of establishing wealth and building an empire for the black community.

“This rap is just a conductor to what we really want to do… control the world,” Tupac said. “Small things, just one thing. We just want to control the world.”

Tupac further elaborated that the world he is focusing on is the black community.

“And when I say world, I mean our world,” he continued. “Like my life is my world and your life is your world. When I say controlling the world, I mean like controlling our own world. At least, we can have movie theaters, stores, a community. We don’t even have a community. They got Little Italy, little everything. They don’t have a Little Africa, they got the ghetto. We think that that’s ours. That’s not even ours. That’s what’s left over.”

P. Rico’s music is currently available for purchase on iTunes. Head over to P. Rico’s iTunes’ page by clicking here.

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