OG Maco Reveals What Caused Car Accident That Left Him Blind In One Eye

OG Maco is still recovering from injuries sustained in a near fatal car accident weeks ago. The Georgia rapper suffered injuries of multiple skulls fractures, broken orbital, cracked vertebrae and heart palpations.

Last week, Maco revealed he lost his right eye in the accident.

Though Maco has been very open with revealing his injuries, fans are still in dark on the cause of the accident.

OG Maco revealed the details of his accident during a sit-down interview with Hip Hops Revival.

“People think like everything happen with extraordinary circumstances and it really don’t,” he said. “It’s just a drunken situation. You shouldn’t drink and drive and people shouldn’t test and drive, and you should never combine the three.”

Check out OG Maco’s interview in full above.