Nick Cannon Says Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’ Was Meant To Be ‘Artistic’

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Spike Lee caught a lot of flack for his film “Chi-Raq.” His decision to take a comedic approach to providing a solution to the violence in Chi-Raq ultimately backfired.

Nick Cannon attempted to explain Spike Lee’s mission behind the film during his interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

“I hear a lot of people didn’t like it. It’s an art film,” he said. “When I talk about Chiraq, I kinda relay it to Hamilton. If you told little kids in the hood, I want you to go see a Hip Hop battle about the constitution, they’d be like ‘What are you talking about?’ But the people on Broadway, the white folks they embrace, ‘Oh, this is amazing. They’re rhyme schemes and they’re telling us history’ Chiraq was the same thing. He took a play that was over 2,000 years old called ‘Lysistrata’ and put it in the South Side Of Chicago. That’s art. …He was making a theatrical approach. He didn’t wanna glorify the violence. I’m not tryna make that movie. I’m tryna do some artistic stuff, and the critics embraced it.”