New Nas! God’s Son Speaks to Sistas in “Another Black Girl Lost”

I’m pregnant, don’t know who the dad is
I’m happy but this s—’s the saddest
Nas, Another Black Girl Lost

Hip Hop living legend Nas has new music for his loyal fans, especially black women. God’s Son recently appeared on the Hot 97’s The Angie Martinez show talking about his new record “Another Black Girl Lost.”

The track comes 16 years after the original “Black Girl Lost” was released on his ’96 album “It Was Written.”

The track features some heavy-hitting, thought-provoking lyrics. Nas pays tribute to black women of many different shades with the line “Brown and beautiful, black and stunning, light and delicious Chocolate covered, strawberry kisses and cherry lipstick.”

Though he describes black women as succulent as many tasty treats, he doesn’t sugar coat anything as he sets young women straight with the line “temptation, she can’t let go her dirty habits, Mid 30′s, spendin’ dough at Magic, She’s dancin’, romancin’, she’s up at Manson She f**ks all my mans, and they pop the Magnum So now what you gonna do, the morning after pill is way overdue.”

With the hyper-sexualized, misogynistic content that is release today, Nas’ new track provides a breath of fresh air to listeners, primarily women. Take a listen to Nas’ “Another Black Girl Lost Below.”