New Music: Espot Tae and Billionaire Black- ‘Trappin and Rappin’

Trap money or rap money, it’s all the same. Espot Tae and Billionaire Black are jugging off their trap phones while jotting down rhymes in their iPhones. Tae and Billion are “Trappin and Rappin” in their collaborative record.

Tae opens this record, rapping, “If I can’t sell a record, bet I sell these drugs quick/I’m trapping, rapping, b*tch/I’m trapping, rapping, b*tch.”

Billi follows Tae, rapping, “I swear these n*ggas need a script because they some actors, b*tch/I’m driking actavis, no I’m never lacking b*tch.”

Listen to Espot Tae and Billionaire Black’s new song “Trappin and Rappin” below.