Montana of 300’s Artist, J Real, Charged With Armed Robbery, Faces 45 Years In Prison

J Real, a member of Montana of 300’s FGE camp, is behind bars after he was charged with armed robbery, according to Peoria Journal Star. J Real, whose real name is Jacorey J. Shettleworth, was ordered held on $200,000 bond.

J Real, 24, and alleged accomplice Christopher K. Pate, 27, are reportedly accused of holding up two people at gunpoint outside of the Rail II, 2702 W. Farmington Road, on Tuesday night.

The two men appeared in Peoria County Circuit Court charged with two counts of armed robbery. Circuit Judge Kevin Lyons set Pate’s bond at $150,000 while J Real’s bond was set at $200,000.

They are both due back in court on Aug. 18 for a preliminary hearing.

J Real faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

Montana of 300 took to IG to call for his FGE comrade’s freedom.

“Free @jrealoffge #wingsup #FGE4Life,” he wrote.

FREE @jrealoffge #WIngsUp #FGE4LIFE

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Montana was arrested alongside J Real in August 2015.

Montana of 300 and members of his FGE camp were arrested for possession of a firearm following a traffic stop in Pontiac, IL, according to

The crew was reportedly arrested on various charges after failing to signal while making a right turn onto Interstate 55.

The officers discovered their vehicle was a rental from Enterprise after driver Bradford presented police with a false ID. Police conducted a search after Bradford initially refused to turn over his keys.

“The officers were finally able to enter the vehicle while preparing it for tow,” Woolford said. While conducting an inventory search, the officers located a loaded 40-caliber handgun on the floorboard. None of the four occupants of the vehicle would claim ownership of that handgun and all four were arrested for possession of it due to its proximity to them all.”

Montana took to IG to issues a statement on the matter, writing, “I wanna apologize to my fans for not being able to make it to my show last night in Dayton, Ohio. Got into a jam w/ thirsty a– police. I’m good tho. I’ll be there real soon at another date to turn up with yall. #RapGod #FGEshit.”

In his caption, he wrote, “Naw they can’t keep that black man down. #RapGod #FGEshit.”

In November, J Real suffered two gunshot wounds to his upper body. Montana reposted J Real’s IG photo of himself showing off three bandages covering his wounds. J Real commented on his IG post that he was hit with two shots, which suggests one of the bullets may have exited his body.

Montana was deeply affected by his day-one homie escaping death yet again his short life:

“This is my young homie/artist @jrealofge who got shot the Sunday b4 last. He was locked up a couple months ago n his bond was $10K. I thought about letting him sit for a while…thinking to myself he might be better off sitting down for a min. What if I bond him out n he get his a– killed or he f— up the chances of me getting my bond money back (by doing all the hot s— he’s been doing). I decided to go n get him out cuz I love my n—- and I value his freedom. Not because he’s my artist and I can possibly make some money off of him one day. NOTE: I tell his hardheaded a– all the time….same n—– U hanging around ain’t nowhere to be found every time U go to jail. N—– ain’t have $1 to give towards yo bond money n ain’t gone dress in all black, load up n go kill nothing, if something happens to yo a–. A survivor knows what and who matters n doesn’t waste their time dining in the company of ppl that don’t. I made this post to be a lesson to everybody that wants to live that street life or thinks that its some type of privilege to be in it. UNDERSTAND: I rap about it because I’ve lived it and its unforgettable….but THE PLAN is to show y’all that you can escape it, by being living proof myself and through testimony. I could easily be posting a R.I.P. J Real post right now but thanks to God he’s been spared more time with us. I’m hoping that he can learn from ALLL his mistakes n wise up because just like I tell him I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a call saying ‘”J Real is dead.”’ Some might say why would I post or say something like this about my homie but even he knows I don’t sugarcoat s— n Ima keep it 100 with him every time. Ain’t nothing about this picture cool. So don’t take this as that. This is more than a msg to him. It’s a msg to all the black men, our sons and their unborn. “Every survivor HAD TO do two things…abandon their old ways, then think and move differently.”

J Real collaborated with Montana on numerous records, including “Faneto (Remix),” “Ima Beast,” “Real Long,” “All I Know” and more. Listen to music by J Real below.