Montana of 300 Talks Relationship With God

Montana of 300 is not ashamed to say he has a close relationship with God. The Chi Town MC has often embedded biblical and spiritual themes in his music. Montana expounded on his relationship with God during his sit-down interview with Hip Hops Revival.


“The most popular person or talked about gotta be Jesus and God. Way before us and way after us they still gon be the most talked about. Way before all the Michael Jordans and Michael Jacksons and way after,” he said. “Nobody is talked about as much as them. That type of sh-t is timeless. That’s why I incorporate spiritual godly things and sh-t like that in my music because in the midst of somebody listening to me rap or hearing all this violence and bad stuff, I gotta answer to and acknowledge God. I want them to know that I’m sane. I have enough sense to be aware. I talk to God everyday.

“I haven’t been to church since January 2005,” he continued. “Somebody can hear that and be like ‘Oh, you going to hell.’ I tell em I pray more than you. I pray more than the average Christian that goes to church. I really don’t care. That’s your opinion. God hasn’t even told me I’m going to hell but here you are telling me. I pray to Him everyday. I can be talking to myself, but I have enough faith to feel like I’m being heard and can’t nothing change that. He knows my heart better than anybody else does that wants to judge me.”

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