Montana of 300 Reveals He Witnessed First Murder At Age Nine In Chiraq

Montana of 300 saw what no any child should have seen growing. Montana has been open about his mother’s drug abuse. But, to our knowledge, he has never opened up witnessing a murder at a young age in Chicago.

The “Fire In The Church” rapper revealed during an interview with Noisey he saw a man get shot and killed at his PC Projects on the Low End of Chicago at age nine:

“…I think we was in like, down the ramp, like 9—probably like 912 with some other kids. And the front door was just open. You know, everybody’s doors be open in the summertime. There were some grownups, a few grownups, and there these kids in there too. Some guy ran in the house and blew another dude brains out and ran out of the house. And we just hear screaming, and some lady just told us all to go home, you know, go back to our houses. And I was kind of excited to share I’d seen something, not really focusing on how sad the s— is, or how bad it is. That was growing up for me, and then I had this s—, like my mom, she was a crack addict and s— like that, so seeing her struggle with that.”