Montana of 300 Reveals Chris Rock Reached Out To Rick Rubin For Him

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Montana of 300 landed an opportunity of a lifetime after he was invited to appear on an episode of Fox’s “Empire.” The blessings for Montana didn’t end there. The “Fire In The Church” rapper revealed during an interview with FactMag that his conversations with Chris Rock on set led to a meeting with Def Jam founder Rick Rubin.

“I was talking to Chris Rock about my situation, the numbers I had on YouTube, which was probably 70 million at the time,” Montana said. “He asked me my name and I figured he would look me up on YouTube and he was actually texting Rick Rubin like, ‘Check out this dude Montana of 300 and let me know what you think.’ Hours later, we got a break and went to our phones and he told me, ‘Rick Rubin says he likes you,’ and he showed me the text message. He said, ‘I’m gonna put you guys in tune with each other. You definitely need to go to L.A. to work with Rick Rubin, man. Kanye goes there all the time. A lot of different famous people go to his crib. He’s a cool dude. You definitely need to get up with him.” And he stuck to his word.”

Montana made his way to Los Angeles and linked with not only Rubin, but also Russell Simmons.

Montana posted a photo of himself with the two Hip Hop giants onto IG with a caption, reading, “In a house fulla millionaires #RapGod #RusselSimmons #RickRubin.”

Montana said Rubin even made him an offer.

“[Rubin] said the door was open if I ever changed my mind,” Montana said. “He asked me what kind of deal do I want and stuff like that, but that’s about that.”