Montana of 300 Compares Record Deals To Slavery

Montana of 300 is one of Hip Hop’s most popular independent artists. The self-proclaimed Rap God is leery of signing a recording contract. The “Fire In The Church” rapper recently compared record deals to slavery in a very expressive IG post:

“#Gamechanger Self control is everything. What good is your brain if you aren’t allowed to use it??? Why put it in the hands of a mf who only cares about how much money you can put in their pockets??? They don’t give a f**k about your future as a person or you spending time with your kids. They don’t give a f**k if you miss your kid’s birthday or they whole f****n childhood. You jus take yo black a– where we tell you to go and make us this money you owe us and more if you can. Y’all gotta stop this simple minded sh*t yo yourselves.. When artist lash out at their labels about owing them money n not being able to release music, they are at the point of ‘“F *CK IT. ITS NO RETURN”’ and are burning a bridge that they felt has already been burned by their label. Lots of artist want to lash out, but they choose not to, wait, have hope and faith their label ‘“wakes up.”’ Hoping they come to their senses and realize what type of talent they have in them as an artist. Hoping they give them the push they agreed to give and have the power to. These Mf’s gone hate me for enlightening my ppl but idgaf. It’s me, G-d and my guns for life. #RapGod #FreedomIsLife #Over100MillionViews”

On Twitter, Montana added, “I can pick up the phn at any moment n become a millionaire in debt, who has to follow orders n smile in front of y’all like life is great.”

He posted a screen capture of this tweet onto IG with a caption, reading, “#Freedom.”

Montana has been leery of record deals ever since watching “The Five Heartbeats” film.

Montana posted a scene from the film onto IG where Big Red breaks down the music biz to Jimmy Potter.

Montana explained to fans why the scene spoke to him in his post’s caption:

“The FIVE HEARTBEATS is my favorite movie in the world. SOOOO many lessons in this movie. Especially when it comes to how the music industry works, which is why I turn down every offer from every major record label and choose to stay independent. So many Mfs have seen this movie countless times but have overlooked all of its lessons/messages and are now slaves in debt to record labels. I cannot and will not go. I’m too FGE. I got God. F— a record label. #GodStrong”

Montana of 300 may soon call a major record company home. The FGE frontman took to Facebook to announce three different labels are willing to work with him on the perfect deal:

“On the text with 3 diff labels at once right now. Comparing everything they talking about. If I ever sign anything, I’m not under them…we will be partners (FGE AND THEM) n it would be 80/20 my way. N I still get to run my label how I want. Drop when I want and have 100% creative control over what me and mine do. Do Yall know how many famous artist are miserable right now off of camera because of their lack of knowledge n self control and because of their hunger for some quick money? Smh. Sh*t is sad. #FGEsh*t”

Montana previously told fans on Facebook that labels were working with him on a deal.

Montana wrote, “Right here, where I’m at with no deal. Got every label asking me, ‘Well what kind of deal do you want? We can make it work.’ #RapGod #FGEs**t

Montana made his way to New York City with his FGE camp to talk business with a few labels, including 300 Entertainment, Republic Records and Cash Money Records.

300 Entertainment is an independent record company founded by industry veterans Lyor Cohen, Roger Gold, Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz. The label boasts a slew of talented artists, including Fetty Wap and Young Thug.

Montana posted several photographs onto social media of himself and his team in various business meetings.

A few days ago, the “Cursed With A Blessing” rapper revealed that Def Jam, Columbia Records and GOOD put deals on the table for him.

“Def Jam, Columbia Records and Good Music all wanna sign me. #RapGod,” he wrote on Twitter.

Montana also made his way to Los Angeles where he linked up with Def Jam founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin as revealed on IG.

“In a house fulla millionaires #RapGod #RusselSimmons #RickRubin,” the caption on Montana’s post read.