Mixtape Review: Swagg Dinero- ‘Boss Up’

Swagg Dinero got his grown, businessman on this past year, so it was only right he title his mixtape “Boss Up,” hosted by DJ Wats, DJ Amaris and DJ Shon.

Swagg hits his taped off strong with the single “N—-.”

Swagg Dinero is loyal to his crew and leery of anyone outside his circle, rapping, “I can’t f**k with no n—– if they don’t f**k with my n—–/I can’t trust in no n—– if they don’t trust in my n—–/Bet I won’t gun for no n—– if they don’t gun for my n—–/I don’t know what to tell you, I’m just a loyal a– n—-.”

Swagg’s “Boss Up” track features a sound byte from Tupac Shakur in his role as Bishop in 90s film “Juice.”

“You gotta snatch some collars and let them motherf***ers know you’re there to take them out anytime you feel like it! You gotta get the ground beneath your feet, Patna! Get the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you got to! Otherwise you ain’t s—!” Pac says.

Swagg gets motivation from the abovementioned line and proceeds to boss up in his verse, spitting, “B—-, I love green and guns with beams/I love designer, I’m a True Religion fiend/I don’t none/ That’d get you smoked/I swear they wanna see you down, I can’t trust these h—.”

Swagg provided his own twist to fellow Bricksquad rapper P. Rico’s viral hit song “Hang Wit Me.” Swagg had big shoes to fill as the original videos has over 3 million views on YouTube.

But he ends up fitting them well, rapping, “JoJo World, everybody know my broski now/I guess we doing this rap s—, so I’ma f— around/I’ma call Wuga World and they ain’t gon f— around/Choppers get to singing, bodies hit the ground.”

Swagg remixed Que’s “OG Bobby Johnson” in song “Word On The Street,” rapping, “I can give two f***s about the same/Before this strap s—, I still had a name/I’s up all my n—– insane/Die L’s for the motherf*****g Lam/Shout out to the hustlers in the ghetto/Shout out to the baggers in the trap.”

Swagg is done playing as his last mixtape title stated. He is now on his “Bo$$ S—.” He even hints “Dinero” is his rap alter ego.

Swagg raps, “I ain’t even finna play no more/body bag a goofy just for lackin, though/they say Swagg man, you switched your flow/I say I ain’t flip nothing, that’s Dinero/Little bands, this money is nothing, though/I get they whole savings for a f*cking show.”

Swagg even pays homage to deceased brother and aspiring rapper Lil JoJo, rapping, “They took my little bro, that was like my clone/So I ain’t even finna play no more.”

Swagg delivered a strong single in song “Step Brothers” featuring Taliban.

Swagg’s fiery track “JoJo Gang” made the tape. This song was recorded in response to Lil Durk’s “Competition.”

Swagg proceeds to slam GBE and OTF in this track, rapping, “Lil Durk, you a f*cking h–, you a p—- out the pack/Reese man, you a ball player/don’t get sent off in this rap/Catch Boss Top and catch off top, shorty a– gon get whacked/Chief Keef, you ain’t a f*cking chief, who the f*ck told you that.”

One of Dinero’s more interesting collaborations came on Thot Boy Rapper K.O The God’s “Bag.” Swagg is chasing dineros in this track and even drops some vocals, rapping, “Shawty know I got that bag, she want me for that cash/Give me that face and keep that a–/She tried to give me top, I almost crashed/N—– hate on me, they mad cause I keep a couple grand.”

Swagg recorded a remix to his original hit song “Opp Thot,” which features D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy.

Swagg shows the listener how a boss operates in his latest project. Swagg is not only perfecting his craft as an MC, but also learning the business side of the industry.

With 24 tracks for a Hip Hop head’s listening pleasure, Swagg’s “Boss Up” is worth the download.

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