Meek Mill Sister Says Nicki Minaj Is Not A Good Role Model For Young Women

#meekmill sister reacts to #nickiminaj's influence on young girls

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Nicki Minaj has had a successful run as Hip Hop’s leading femcee. Some critics argue it has come at the expense of selling herself out.

Faye Musiq, aka Meek Mill Sister, told Kollege Kidd in an exclusive interview she doesn’t believe Nicki Minaj is good role model for young women.

“I feel like she could’ve been. I’m not gon sit here and act like before she became this extra, extra person, I didn’t like Nicki music. I had songs I used to love maybe when I was 16 of Nicki before she made it big,” she said. “I was happy she made it because I knew she was gon give us that strength, but she was created into something I don’t even think Nicki wanna be. Now that she has that money, she at a point where she tryna recreate herself. But she got such a long run of what she was doing before, it’s hard to get away from that. …She could’ve been, but she ain’t. She wanted that money and I ain’t mad at her.”

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