Meek Mill and Michael Blackson Roast Each Other At Philly Charity Event

Meek Mill and Michael Blackson gave back to their Philly community this holiday season after attending a charity event in the City of Brotherly Love.

But Meek Mill and Blackson somehow engaged in a hilarious back-and-forth on social media. Blackson referenced Drake’s “Back To Back” diss record when announcing his charity work, writing, “Home. In Philly giving back to the elderly with Cookie’s son and Twitter fingers.”

Meek Mill learned of Blackson’s jab and took to social media to clown the comedian’s alleged fake Gucci sneakers.

He wrote in his IG caption, “We doing charity but we need to help him get some real Gucci sneaks! None of the kids knew who he wasssssss! Lol what are thoooooossssseeeee! @michaelblackson he said they last season gucci!”

“He missing the G’s,” he added in another post.

Blackson again referenced Meek Mill’s rap beef with Drizzy and posted a photo of his Gucci footwear to prove it wasn’t fake.

“He roasted me immediately but took days to reply to that light skin neega

“I’m rich now, I don’t buy fake sh*t anymore Meek,” the captions on his posts read.

Blackson went on to joke he was cancelling his Philly appearances and hiring 78 more bodyguards

Check out Meek Mill and Michael Blackson’s back-and-forth above.