Medical Records Reveal George Zimmerman Didn’t Suffer Head Trauma

George Zimmerman visited a physician the morning after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The physician’s examination concluded Zimmerman didn’t suffer head trauma, The Miami Herald reports.

Medical records detail Zimmerman suffered two small cuts on the back of his head measuring two centimeters and half a centimeter, respectively. His wounds didn’t require stitches.

Physician’s assistant Lindzee E. Folgate documented Zimmerman’s nose as being “fractured” and “hurt.”

“He suffered joint pain likely because of the assault,” she wrote. “We discussed that [nose] it is likely broken, but does not appear to have septal deviation. The swelling and black eyes are typical of this injury. I recommended that he be evaluated by ENT but he refused.”

George Zimmerman is alleging self-defense after following Trayvon Martin who he deemed “suspicious.” Martin, 17, was walking to his father’s fiancé’s home after picking up snacks from a local store.

Prosecutors argue Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martion, who is African American. Zimmerman is being held in Seminole County Jail awaiting a decision on his bond hearing.

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