Maino’s Girlfriend Recounts Being Shot In Leg During Deadly Troy Ave Shooting

Maggie Carrie Heckstall, model girlfriend of rapper Maino, is planning to file a lawsuit against those responsible for shooting her in the leg, the New York Post reports.

Heckstall’s lawyer Emel McDowel of The Blanch Firm has even filed a complaint against the NYPD for their treatment of Wild ‘N Out star.

Heckstall claims the NYPD have stood guard outside her hospital room, and has denied her family visitation.

“[Police] want to investigate and we get that, but don’t make her life miserable because she took a stray bullet,” McDowell told The Post. “We understand the NYPD is doing their job, but she’s not under investigation. She’s not in custody for the crime. She didn’t ask for police protection. She’s obviously a victim in this. They’re making her life worse by doing this.”

McDowel has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the NYPD demanding officers be pulled from her room, and visitation reinstated.

“The infringement upon Ms. Heckstall’s 4th Amendment right to be free from illegal search and seizure is emotionally draining for Ms. Heckstall and also an impediment to her speedy and full recovery,” the letter dated May 26 reads, according to the Post.

Heckstall posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed onto IG.

The caption on her post read, “I am out of surgery but still in the hospital. I have not spoken to any reporters yet. I am just focusing on recovery & trying to see my family.”

Heckstall alleged she was shot when Troy Ave opened fire in a green room.

“He came into the area they were in, the green room where everyone was sitting. She just heard the shots,” said McDowell, recalling what Heckstall told him. “It was initially three, four shots, then another shot, then four more — pop, pop, pop. She felt the burning sensation, then started screaming and hit the ground.”

Troy Ave was wheeled into court Monday and formally charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday night, the New York Times reports.

Troy, 33, whose real name is Roland Collins, was ordered held without bail until trial despite requesting a $50,000 bail from the Judge Ushir Pandit Durant.

Troy Ave’s attorneys told the judge their client is the victim in the incident. Three people, including Troy Ave, were wounded in the incident. Troy’s friend and bodyguard Ronald (Edgar) McPhatter suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

McPhatter is seen in surveillance footage entering the green room behind Troy Ave, and then running past him as shots were fired.

He was shot in the stomach, fell downstairs and collapsed near a bar. He later died at Mount Sinai Israel Hospital.

Troy’s attorneys plan to present scientific evidence that show the rapper didn’t shoot himself or McPhatter.