Lil Yachty Kicks KayeTheYacht Out Of The Sailing Team For Scamming Fans

Lil Yachty won’t allow any finessers in his crew. Yachty had to axe a member of The Sailing Team for scamming his fans.

KayeTheYacht is accused of selling fake tickets to Yachty concerts. Yachty caught wind of KayeTheYacht’s antics and kicked him out of the crew.

Yachty took to Twitter to announce Kaye was kicked out.

“To all it may concern, @KAYTHEYACHT is Notsailing team. Please do not send him money for any of my tickets because it is a scam. Im sorry.”

KayeTheYachty admitted stealing from fans in a tweet that has since been deleted.

He wrote, “I apologize to all the fans i let down & QC i was impatient and desperate just wanted to feed my family. All the choices i made were my own.”