Lil’ Wayne Says He Is The New Tupac?

Lil’ Wayne appears to be out of control at this point. First, the rapper made ill-advised remarks about fallen Civil Rights icon Emmett Till. Now he is purporting to be the new Tupac.

The Young Money Cash Money front money recently performed during a birthday celebration bash for father Birdman and made some disparaging remarks.

In a heated tirade, the “Love Me” rapper told the crowd, “The NBA banned me from all NBA events…because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.

Wayne later got crowd participation after leading them into ainto a “F— NBA, F— Miami Heat” chant.

“F*ck Lebron James, f*ck She-Wade, f*ck Chris Bosh, f*ck all them ni**as. And I f*cked Chris Bosh wife,” he said.

Even more shocking the rapper said, “I ain’t Tupac, I’m the new ‘Pac,” before leaving the stage.

Is it official Molly isn’t the wonderful drug these are reporting it to be?

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Check out video of rant below