Lil’ Wayne Dedicates ‘Dedication 4’ to ‘Chocolate Women’

Lil’ Wayne took time to dedicate the fourth installment of the “Dedication” mixtape series to “chocolate women.”

The rapper’s newfound devotion to dark skinned women is questionable because he has drawn much criticism for past insensitive remarks directed at darker toned women.

Many black women were outraged over a particular line the “How to Love” artist rapped on the track “Right Above It.” On the song, Wayne said, “Beautiful black woman, bet that b***h look better red.”

Lil’ Wayne is saying through this line that a dark skinned woman would look prettier if light complexioned.

Lil’ Wayne is also featured on a Eric Benet track called “Red Bone Girl” that has also drawn criticism for allegedly promoting a “white supemacist beauty standard.”

In “Red Bone Girl,” Wayne raps, “I like them light skin, lighter than a feather.”

On the outro to the Dedication 4, Weezy made certain to “respectfully” dedicate his album to dark skinned women.

“This is also dedicated to the bad b****es,” Wayne said. “First off, them chocolate women. I know I talk about them yellow b***es all the time. But this is dedicated to them chocolate women. You see I ain’t say b***es or h*es or none of that. And then it’s dedicated to the yellow b***es and the red b****es.”

Does Wayne’s words make up for past insensitive remark directed at dark skinned women? Sound off below.