Lil Pump Released From Juvie With Ankle Monitor After Shooting Gun In His Home

Lil Pump isn’t too concerned about his recent arrest. Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was arrested on Wednesday, Feb. 14 after shooting a handgun into the door of his home. Pump and his management told police it was burglars who shot through the door.

Pump was arrested, and brought into the Sylmar Juvenile Hall in Sylmar, CA. He was released Thursday afternoon.

Pump responded to paparazzi questioning, “Hey man, we got rich lawyers. We got real lawyers — the best lawyers on the planet. Esketit!” He even showed off his new ankle monitor, while turning it into a remix of “Gucci Gang”: “Ayy listen. See my ankle? House arrest, house arrest, house arrest, house arrest,” he rapped. “Popped two Xans and I passed the test, ‘Gucci Gang’ tatted on my fuckin’ chest.”