Lil Mouse and Stunt Taylor Move Packs In ‘Puncho’ Music Video

Lil Mouse and Stunt Taylor got a meeting with the plug in “Puncho.” Mouse and Stunt turn their savage up after some bricks come up missing in their Basik Da Kidd-directed music video. We soon learn that robbing Mouse and Stunt is the last thing you’d want to do.

Mouse opens this record, rapping, “Don’t make me send them nine n****s at yo front door/I heard the plug back home, call Chapo/We toting drums, knock em down like a domino/I was an a– hole in school, didn’t make the honor roll.”

Stunt aka Flee Amigo raps, “Man, these n****s crazy, judging me, I ain’t fugazy/Get into it, we can’t get you, then we’ll grab your lady.”

Mouse and Stunt get a pair of thieves missing in their visual. Watch above.