Album Review: Lil Mouse- ‘Michael Mouse Myers’

Lil Mouse holds the title as the youngest Chicago-bred MC anchoring a popular movement in his hometown.

Lil Mouse burst onto the scene in Summer 2012 with his controversial single “Get Smoked.” Mouse kept the steam going with his debut mixtape “Mouse Trap.”

With this project under his belt, Mouse felt the world was ready for his debut LP titled “Michael Mouse Myers.”

Mouse has been prepping and promoting the project for the latter part of 2013 and early 2014. The project was officially ready for fans when it was made available for purchase on iTunes on March 11.

The album consists of 18 tracks of pure Mouse. The project includes familiar tracks, as well as new.

The intro to Mouse’s album is a mashup of the controversial news clips the teenage rapper found himself linked to.

The bars Mouse unleashed can be best described as bottled up aggression as he raps, “Trapping out he vacant if you heard I wouldn’t take it/I’ma young n****a shining, so you know I’m gon make it/My team Hella Bandz and we balling like the Lakers, and n****s at the station, they be snitching, writing statements/In the hood getting paper, in my hood ain’t no faking.”

Mouse has more bars for fans impressed with the intro – “100 Bars” worth.

In track two, Mouse raps, “Leave him closed casket/Playing with my killers, I’ma keep his a– for ransom/I’m taking off, I’m taking off/Yo b*tch see me, she take it off/Ballin like I’m John Wall/I keep clips like Chris Paul/30 knock your sh*t off/Choppa make him criss cross.”

Mouse pulled out his big guns for single “Wit My Team.” Mouse was able to tap fellow Chicago and Def Jam rapper Lil Durk and Bricksquad 1017 artist Young Scooter for this single. All artists were impressive on this track.

Mouse raps, “F****n b*****s, counting money with my team/40 with him, 30, chopper with a beam/Point fours, rolling dope with my team/Mix the act and that sprite make it look pink/If you looking for me, you know where I’m at/Run up on you, then we leave you where you at/Black Amigo, OTF an Hella Bandz/Shawty jocking cause she know that I’m that man.”

Durk follows, rapping, “You know where I’m at, b***h it’s crackin/Kevin home, bought a 40, so no lackin/Put 30 in the (?), I came from stackin/For the grams, it got a lot of n****s acting/R-E-B throw game for the opp/No lean, but I catch snooze, straight drop/Me and Mouse, two cups, purple pops/(?) home, bang bros all these thots.”

Scooter finishes the track, rapping, “Black amigo gang, that’s my team/Me and my partner Phil sipping lean/Young Scooter, I’d sell a b***h a dream/50,000 worth a hundred, so mean/Shout out to Lil Mouse and Top Shotta/K Black, my little brother, top shotta/Don’t make send the runts through the scene.”

Mouse has accomplished a lot at a young age. He has a growing music career. He has traveled to many of the nation’s metropolitan cities link up with popular artists. He has also generated a buzz many up and coming rappers could only dream of. He is accomplishing all of this before adulthood. But Mouse already considers himself grown, which may be why he recorded the track “Im Da Man.”

In “Im Da Man,” Mouse raps, “I’m the man and I got bands/My shooters blow like fans/Do a hit up out that van/On your block where you be laying/11-9, that’s my land/MM be gang/On my block where we shoot Ks.”

Lil Mouse released his single “AM” in December 2013. Chase Davis and Ur Boy Black collaborated on this track’s production.

Mouse talks expensive whips and clothing in this track, rapping, “Say you cashing out, I don’t believe you n—-, you flexin/In the foreign whip riding around all day like the metro/Got LV on my buckle, that’s Louie.”

It is Mouse’s penchant for the finer things in life that has the women going. In “She Going,” Mouse raps, “Everything designer, so she going (Thotty!)/Every car fast cause it’s foreign/That b***h left her man cause he boring/She know I’m NBB, so she going/Choppa leave him stinking like a sewer/

Mouse shows listeners to how to swag in song “Got That Bag,” rapping, “I’ma show you how to swag, got a b***h to match my Jag/I’m in first, you n****s last/I be all about that bag/Call Quan, he got the Mac/He a shooter like the Mavs/I be in Neiman Marcus shopping, I’ma show you how to swag.”

Mouse tried his hand at a pop sound on his album. The South Side Chicago rapper linked with Maryland singer Alyssa Shouse for song “I Wanna Know.” Miss Shouse dropped impressive vocals in this pop single.

Mouse is just as impressive, rapping, “She texting, she calling, she on me cause I’m balling/Switching lanes in that foreign/Forgiatos, I’m touring/Her old man can’t afford this/She ride me cause he boring/She know I’m balling like Jordan/I picked her up and she Foreign.”

Mouse also secured a guess feature from YMCMB affiliate Lil Chuckee. All these two young MCs do is “Ball.”

Mouse raps, “All we do is ball/N***a, I just cash out/ATO on my drawer/B***h, I’m finna spazz out/I be designing all these clothes/Buying s**t n****s can’t find out/

Chuckee raps, “We just cash out, f*****g right we cash out/All these n****s think I’m playing, make me pull that cash out/Yeah, I represent Libra Gang, it’s the motherf*****g clique/Motherf*****s hating on me, you can tell em suck a tongue.”

Mouse couldn’t complete a project without Hella Bandz protégé Top Shotta. The two Wild Hundreds rappers collabed for track “Top.”

Mouse raps, “I only want the top, gotta get it/Keep my circle close, ain’t got time for snitching/Talking like you with it, you gon come up missing/All my n****s drilling, body you in a min.”

Top Shotta spits game talk in his verse, rapping, “Never move dope where you lay your head at/I move em through the ground and air like Fedex/I only want the top that’s where her brain at/My d**k all in her mouth, that’s where I came at/I’m always at the top, that’s where I hang at/Hella Bandz, we mean business, that’s my gang there.”

Lil Mouse is a youngin in terms of age, but slowly becoming a veteran in the rap game. Mouse’s debut album is proof of the hard work he has been putting into his craft over the last year. It’d be interesting to witness Mouse’s progression in his artistry as he ages and matures.

The project is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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