Lil Jay To Lil Durk In ‘Competition’ Freestyle: ‘Are You A Singer Or A Rapper?’

Lil Jay teased fans with a snippet of his upcoming “Competition” freestyle. The FBG rapper gave fans a preview of several lines in the track where he takes aim at Lil Durk.

Jay even mocks Lil Durk’s singing.

“Tookaville, I rep the s—, sneak dissing meet the (exorcist?)/Say ‘F— Tooka,’ you meet the clip/Your man’s die, you still ain’t on s—.

“You know I keep the strap like Velcro/No Taco Bell, but I keep the shells though.

“He mad cause he know it’s my time/Mac Miller, so I can’t get signed/Putting money on my head, they trying/stunt hard, but I’m still on my grind/Ni**as saying my name for no reason/My flow hard like cement/It’s a cold world, n—- you anemic,” he raps.

Check out Lil Jay’s “Competition” freestyle snippet below