Lil Jay & Swagg Dinero At Odds Over BDK Movement

Lil Jay has social media buzzing after bringing to discussion a serious issue occurring in the streets of Chiraq.

Jay announced in a spirited Twitter rant he was shifting his position on the Black Disciple Killer (BDK) movement, saying he doesn’t have problem with all BDs. Jay commented his main focus at this point in his career was making money and not on targeting all members of the street gang.

“The Bdk Movement Is Over It’s All About [Money] Nd Plus I Rock Wit Sum Bd’s

“I Kno The real Bd’s Them N—– All About Money,” he wrote.

“ThinkAboutIt,” he added.

Jay went on to clarify his position in a vlog, stating he was still BDK, but only to the “opps.”

The “Clout Lord” rapper’s announcement on ending the BDK movement has been met with overwhelming support, but also criticism.

On the side of criticism sat Bricksquad rapper Swagg Dinero who slammed Jay’s comments, writing, “You cant end sum anotha n—- started. Just like u cant break something that cant be fixed #BIPJOJO.”

It was Swagg’s brother Lil JoJo who turned the phrase “BDK” into a movement with the release of his song “3HunnaK.”

In this single, JoJo raps, “These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK.”

JoJo was murdered Sept. 4, 2012 after he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting while riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike. The murder was presumed to be caused by members of the 300 faction of the BDs.

The BDK movement picked up steam following JoJo’s death and violence in the Englewood neighborhood intensified along with it.

Swagg’s position is a far cry from a previous statement made in November.

The “Boss Up” rapper mused on the idea of dropping his BDK stance.

“I Might not always Be #BDK forever, But on JoJo, On everything i love, Imma ALWAYS BE 300k Take it how u want to, Ion give no F—

“If you a real n—- you’ll understand dat. I been locked up for da last 80 Hours yall. All n—- do is think up in there. I jst got out 6AM,” he wrote.

Should Gangster Disciples and Black Disciple unite in Chicago to end bloodshed and focus on getting money? Sound off in comment section below.

Check out and Lil Jay and Swagg Dinero’s exchange in full below also.

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