Lil Jay Says He’s Dumping Queen D When He Gets Out Of Jail In King Yella Call

Lil Jay revealed in a newly release phone conversation with King Yella that he’s dumping Queen D when he gets out of jail.

“All that sh*t over with when I get out,” Jay can be heard on the call saying.

Lil Jay was recently recorded speaking with Queen D and King Yella in separate jailhouse phone calls. In Jay’s call with Queen D, he said less than nice things about his former protégé King Yella. But Jay also talked down on Queen D in his phone call with King Yella. Even more important about Jay’s call with Yella was the Clout Lord rapper revealing his charges would be upgraded to murder on Monday.

Yella ended his friendship with Lil Jay after he pulled his ex-fiance Queen D from him.

Queen D is now helping to raise money to get Lil Jay out of jail.

King Yella’s ex fiancé Queen D is standing behind Lil Jay who is currently in jail on unspecified charges. Queen D is taking to social media to campaign on Jay’s behalf in hopes of raising money for his release.

Audio of Lil Jay surfaced onto the net Friday requesting fans donate him $100,000 via his GoFundMe account.

“I’m innocent,” he said. “I need yall to help me raise $100,000, so I can be free. Once I’m free, you’ll have seven free concerts, giving out free food and drinks and I’m autographing t-shirts.”

Lil Jay’s inmate report reveals he was denied bail in court Friday, May 8. Jay’s next court date is scheduled for May 26.

Lil Jay’s affiliate, Butta, 20, was also arrested May 7. He has been charged with murder, according to his inmate report He is being held on $250,000 bond in Cook County.

Lil Jay was last arrested Jan. 7 on a weapon charge. The “Unexpected Fame 2” rapper was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.

Lil Jay was eventually let off on probation.