Lil Jay Reacts To Drake Stealing His Diddy Bop Dance In ‘Hotline Bling’ Music Video

Lil Jay has officially responded to news of Drake doing his diddy bop in “Hotline Bling.” Jay made his dance popular in his “10K” music video, featuring Billionaire Black.

Jay made sure to let his IG account holder know his thoughts on Drizzy doing his moves:

“Damn look at Drake doing Liljay dance

“Don’t believe me go watch all Liljay old videos and see. Liljay been doing this dance since he was a teenager but people had a problem with a rapper dancing though huh? But it still.didnt stop him lol.

“Drake doing Liljay dance… Yall wanna see Liljay do his own dance Link In His Bio to his fund. Liljay dropping his Album November 12th Coming to a City near you,” the captions on his posts read.