Lil Jay Denied Bail In Recent Arrest Case

Lil Jay was denied bail in court Friday afternoon. The FBG Clout Boy is currently in jail on unspecified charges following his May 8 arrest. Jay’s next court date is scheduled for May 26.

Rumors circulated around the net that Lil Jay was shot Wednesday. P. Rico even took to Twitter to address the rumor.

“Still On House Arrest & Got A Call Saying Lil Jay00 Just Got Shot !” he wrote.

Lil Jay was last arrested Jan. 7 on a weapon charge. The FBG Clout Boy was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. A reckless discharge is a Class 4 Felony that carries a sentence of one to three years in state prison, community service, probation and/or maximum fine up to $25,000. Jay’s bail was set at $400,000.

Lil Jay eventually was let off on probation.