Lil Jay Defends Remixing Chief Keef’s ‘Faneto’ Song: ‘I Don’t Try To Be Nobody Else’

Lil Jay has received praise for his “Faneto” freestyle record. But his decision to rhyme over an original Chief Keef track has also drawn much criticism.

The FBG Clout Boy issued a statement on the matter in a short vlog.

“If yall didn’t hear that motherf-cking “Faneto” remix, yall sleep. …This how motherf-ckers should’ve did it, man. I’m Clout Lord, man. Can’t nobody compete with me, joe.

He added, “This my first and last time saying this: Clout Lord, I’m myself. I don’t try to be nobody else. Can’t nobody compare to me. I kill n-ggas’ tracks for a reason. …Yeah, I killed the ‘Faneto’ beat. …freestyled the whole song.”