Lil Jay Celebrates 22nd Birthday, ‘Clout Lord’ Album Postponed Until Nov. 26

Lil Jay’s “Clout Lord” album has been postponed until Nov. 26, his mother revealed. The project was slated to drop Thursday, Nov. 12, which happens to be the Clout Lord’s birthday.

Jay’s mother Maryam Malone took to the Clout Lord’s IG account to celebrate his born day. The account posted a screenshot of a Facebook post she made honoring his day:

“The second best thing in this world happened to me on this day 22 years ago. My baby boy Liljay was born. He came out kicking and dancing and haven’t stop yet. This is the first birthday we haven’t been together in 22 years and I’m so sad about it. I love my King to the Maxx and I will never ever give up on him. You are the best baby boy… You were planned, nurtured and loved that why you are the King that you are today. Momma love you son. My heart, my shinning star you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINGLILJAAY”

“Happy Birthday My King,” she added in the caption of Jay’s IG.

She featured a collage of Jay’s photographs in another post with A caption, reading, “My life, my world. Happy Kings Day Son. I love you to the Maxx. Sorry I couldn’t drop your album today son but I promise I will drop it on the 26th. ‘’

Jay told fans in June he was releasing the “Clout Lord” album on iTunes.

“Coming soon via iTunes S/o @chicagokingdave #CloutLrd #F*ckFame,” the caption on his IG post read.

This project follows the release of his solid mixtape “Unexpected Fame 2.”