Lil Herb Reveals Fazo Gave Lil Bibby His Name

Lil Bibby’s rap name has special significance. The NLMB gruff voice spitter, born Brandon Dickinson, was nicknamed “Lil Bibby” by slain friend Fazo.

Lil Herb opened up on Bibby’s name during an interview with HipHopDX.

“Bibby got that name from our dead homie, Fazon,” Her said. “Bibby used to be raw as hell at hooping. That’s when we played basketball and he used to be a little curly head with the f—–’ headband on. He looked like [Mike Bibby], so that’s how he got the name in the first place, hooping’ and s—.”

Bibby expressed similar sentiment during an interview with the Chicago Sun Times.

“I used to have a jump shot, a crazy jump shot,” he said. “And one of my homies that got killed, he used to always call me Bibby. Everybody started calling me that after he called me that. After he passed away, I just ran with the name.”

Fazo, born Fazion Robinson, was murdered on April 12, 2010 in an alleged gang-related shooting. He was 18.