Lil Herb Says N.L.M.B. Is Not A Gang: ‘We Not Affiliated With No GDs, Vice Lords Or None Of That’

Fans might’ve notice that Lil Herb occasionally reps N.L.M.B. in and out of music. Herb wants to make it clear that his crew is not a gang, but a “brotherhood.”

“…It’s a brotherhood. It ain’t no click, no gang or nothing like that. It’s a brotherhood,” Herb told The Source. “We ain’t affiliated with no Vice Lords or none of that. I don’t be on the Southside or Westside, we straight Eastside. I’m known on the Eastside.”

“I expand myself everywhere I go,” he continued. “I’m free to go wherever I want. But, Eastside, that’s where I’m from, that’s who I am, you know? We not associated with no G.Ds, Vice Lords or none of that.”

The “N.L” acronyms are short for No Limit. The “M.B.” acronyms are short for Muskegon Boyz.

Herb’s N.L.M.B. also means “Never Leave My Brothers.”

Herb shed a little bit of light on his squad during an interview with XXL Magazine.

“We from 79th and Essex “Roc Block” named after my brother Roc (RIP). That’s where we all grew up,” Herb told XXL. “The neighborhood really called Terror Town, but we roc block 79th and Essex N.L.M.B. Never Leave My Brothers.”

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