Lil Herb Makes Pitch For XXL Freshman 2016

They say third time’s a charm. G Herbo is hoping the folks over at XXL grant him an opportunity to be a 2016 XXL Freshman.

XXL invited Herb to make a pitch for a coveted spot.

“I feel like I deserve the Freshman cover because I shouldn’t even have to explain why I deserve the Freshman cover,” he said. “I feel like it’s all there. The fanbase there. The bars there. I tried to stay as humble as possible. I don’t try to do no talking. It’s already been proven that I’m the best at what I do. It’s gonna get better. It’s gonna only get better. Like right now, I’m at a point where I want to get better, and it’s like scary, crazy. And my fans, of course, know I deserve the cover.”

The exclusion of Lil Herb from last year’s XXL Freshmen class was a topic of controversy.

Durk, a 2014 XXL Freshman, took to IG to call for Herb to be added to the cover.

“Aye yall better put Herb on that motherf*cking XXL cover,” he said. “Only a few motherf*ckers prolly deserver to be on that motherf*cker. Herb supposed to be on that motherf*cker, man. Shout out to Herb. Go crazy.”

Herb responded to Durk’s IG post, tagging both Durk and XXL to his repost with a caption that read, “WHAT CAN I DO BESIDES GO HARDER? THIS MEAN I GOTTA GO HARDER YALL JUST WATCH #OTF150.”

Herb then released the record “XXL,” rapping, “I missed that Freshman cover twice like I ain’t a factor (Ha!)/And still your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper/I’m just humble n*gga, can’t let nothing get to me/15, I was broke as f*ck rolling up that swisher sweet.”

Lil Bibby, 2014 XXL Freshman, came to his NLMB brother’s defense during an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes.

“I think they had a nice class,” Lil Bibby said. “They got a couple artists I really mess with- Dej, Fetty Wap, Shy Glizzy, Tink…. But they should’ve put my boy on there, man. They should’ve put Herb on there man. I really think he deserved a spot.”