Lil Herb Says Waka Flocka Got Everyone In Chiraq Growing Dreads

Waka Flocka sparked controversy after saying he originated the drill movement in Chicago during a sit-down interview with Drea O.

“I like it. I love it,” he said. “I just wanna see them make some dollars and not just make a body count. Make some business out of it.”

Waka says he doesn’t consider himself drill, but rather an entertainer.

“I just express myself. Music was like anger management to me. It still is. It’s just fun. I use the s**t to party, have fun and express myself.”

Drea O asked Lil Herb his thoguhts on Waka’s comments during their recent interview.

“The drill movement, to me, was started by Louie and they homies Pac Man and all that sh*t,” Herb said. “They did start that movement with the whole drill sh*t and just saying the word “drill.” Even with the Chiraq sh*t, they was saying Chiraq, Drillinois. They did that whole wave.”

But Herb acknowledges that Waka did have everyone in the Chi growing dreads.

“…Waka Flocka started a big a– trend all over the world, over Chicago,” Herb said. “N****s was really growing dreads doing all that crazy drill savage sh*t. I ain’t gon lie, Waka made that cool. Waka started that wave, but the name “Drill,” that’s what they took offense by.”