Lil Herb Disses Spike Lee and Nick Cannon For ‘Chiraq’ Movie

Lil Herb was not pleased with Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” film. G Herbo slammed the legendary director in his “Ballin Like I’m Kobe: Tour Recap” vlog.

“[Spike Lee] just bogus a– hell for doing us like that,” he said. “That goofy a– sh*t. You got Nick Cannon. I’d flinch at Nick Cannon and that goofy a–, he gon jump. Talking bout ‘we savage.’ Shooting 30s in the air. We don’t even waste our bullets. …We don’t even test our sh*t out in the air on New Years. We don’t shoot at God, we shoot at garbage cans. You Brewfurd.”

Herb stated Nick Cannon didn’t make Lean correctly in the film.

“…Dropping whole eights in the cup, then the sprite,” he said. “Who does that? You f*****g all the way up.”

Watch above.