Lil Durk Wants It All In French Montana’s ‘Coke Boys 4’ Mixtape

Lil Durk was able to shine on a broader level amongst some of Hip Hop’s hottest rappers in French Montana’s “Coke Boys 4” compilation mixtape. There was a sense of hunger in Durk’s voice as he stole the show in tracks he was featured, including, “Paranoid Remix,” “Money Bag,” “Don’t Waste My Time,” “Act Like That,” “What You Call That.”

The absence of Durk’s father and his involvement in the streets has the OTF frontman “Paranoid.”

Durk hit French’s remix, rapping, “Daddy gone, I was a lost child, n—-/I married the streets, kissed my mama goodbye/She say ’17?,’ the way she thinking, had dreams I’ma die.”

Lil Durk’s father, a reputed Gangster Disciple and drug dealer, is currently serving life in prison for crack-c—— distribution.

Durk is on a mission to be great and he doesn’t have time to waste. Durk is in drill mode and steamrolling anyone who dares to get in his lane.

Anyone who wants to test Durk should know he has shooters that will handle his light work. Durk shouted out fellow OTF rapper RondoNumbaNine in “Don’t Waste My Time,” rapping, “Call number 9, he just got a number 9 if I call him, he slides.”

Durk goes on to shed a bit of light on how he got involved in the street game.

He raps, “Age of 12, n****s taught me how to rob/When’s your time? Thinking I’ma get it all/Petty hustle tryna turn up with a ball/In the hood, spit grips and try to ball/N****s mad cause I just want it all.”

But this life of crime nearly earned him a fate similar to his father’s. Durk raps, “In the slammer two times when a n***a out here/N***a never gave me a call.”

Durk faced a 10-year sentence after he was caught in possession of a handgun in June after police allegedly saw him pitch the weapon in the backseat of a parked Hyundai Sonata in his Englewood neighborhood.

Durk was subsequently hit with a five-count indictment that included unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

But Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office dropped that charge citing a recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling that found parts of the state’s gun law unconstitutional, DNAinfo reports.

Durk was previously imprisoned in 2011 for the same crime. He was on probation at the time of his second arrest.

Durk boasts his dividends in “Money Bag,” saying can blow “$20,000” and make it back in a month.

“I’ve been chasin money since ‘92/Money bags Shawty it’s what money do/You would do the same if you had money too,” he raps.

Durk handles the track “Act Like That” all by his lonesome. Durk makes good use of his four minutes, giving listeners an intimate portrayal of his struggle and come up.

Durk talks growing up impoverished and informing his mother he was going to get it in the streets. He again makes mention of his father.

He raps, “Remember I ain’t have no money, remember I was a youngin’/Remember I told my momma that I was out her thuggin’/Just to get kicks, you see/My daddy caught whips and now he copped a plea.”

Durk talks a change in his mindset leaving the streets alone to pursue music, citing his first time catching a case.

“Caught my first case, you remember a n***a shot at me/I’m out here night by night, ai’t a real n***a in sight/So I picked up me up a mic, $200 a night/Night by niht, now that 10K got me right,” he raps.

Durk appears to have a love, hate relationship with his hometown. He says the streets will never break him, but relishes in knowing that the Chi “raised” him.

Durk unleashed what appeared to be some built up aggression in “What You Call That.”

The OTF frontman hit the track, rapping, “When I wanna pull it out, headshot n—-/Sneak diss, get a ni**a in the box ni**a/14, no box, just glock ni**a/I’ma hit it by myself, that’s right ni**a/No cleaning boy, I be too much ni**a/My team be really on top ni**a/Call us what you want, we on top ni**a/I tell that people why do you wanna talk ni**a?”

Lil Durk’s “Money and Power” is by far his strongest song on this tape. Durk gives the listener the man behind his street name Lil Durk- Durk Banks.

Durk opens up on his journey and obstacles he’s faced on his road to money and power.

“Money and power, that’s just part of my n****s/Rest in peace to J Money, we living life till we end it,” he raps.

J Munna, born Jerome Wood, died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Labor Day in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. He was 21.

Durk placed major emphasis on his father in this tape and this song is no different. Durk is weaving around disloyal snakes and has deep disdain for snitches. He blasts the snitches that took his father and brother away from him.

Durk raps, “N—– switch up on they n—– to tha n—– that’s poppin
I give life to my kids, daddy gave life to tha pigs
Only reason n—– out they gave advice to the feds,” he wrote.

Money and power is what Durk and the rest of the world wants. But it is not anything that is easily attainable.

But the pursuit of this level of influence could possibly bring out the evil in many that seek it.

Durk knows many will sell their soul and turn on their own blood to achieve this. Durk hopes to accomplish his mission through God.

“N—– die for attention, I pray to god for ma n—–
Some believe in the devil, the Illuminati’ got levels/N—– givin up they family for some cribs and some bezels/N—– change under pressure, two gun cases can’t tell’em
I can tell n—– tattle i lost my bro to the battle yeah

“I seen alot of n—–, go on dat stand pointing fingers
Told ma mama I love her, and see who don’t believe us (nah)
N—– claim we they brothers and they right here when we need em
But I went through the trauma and seen nobody but Jesus,” Durk raps.

Durk undeniably held his own on this project and was without bias the lone shining star. He definitely put on for the Chi and spoke for those without a voice in many of the nation’s harshest streets.

Durk isn’t afraid to put his life in his lyrics. Many of his listeners are able to connect to Durk due to this aspect.

Durk knew he deserved the spotlight, but attacked this mixtape as if he had something to prove. Most of Durk’s features in this tape had him placed last. They say the best is saved for last, but Durk emerged the clear frontrunner in this project.

There were 18 tracks on this tape, but Durk had long dropped the mic on 17.

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