Lil Durk Speaks On 4-Year-Old Chicago Girl Shot In Head

Lil Durk has always spoken out about violence against children. The father of four was deeply disturbed by the recent near fatal shooting of a 4-year-old girl in South Side Chicago.

Durk posted an article onto his IG account of the Jacele Johnson leaving the hospital following surgery.

“Glad to see she’s out the hospital & doin better,” the caption on his post read.

Durk also touched on the shooting during his interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. Durk said he wants to move his children out of Chicago to escape thr violence.

“A 4-year-old got shot in the head,” he said. “She survived, but come on now.”

Little Jacele was shot Friday, May 22 during a drive-by shooting that also left a 17-year-old cousin and 15-year-old family friend injured.

Jacele’s mother Trenetta Gresham says her daughter is speaking and able to recognize family.

“She’s talking, she knows everyone that’s around, she’s so alert,” she said. “It’s like she’s tying to make herself better.”

Jacele is not yet able to use her right hand.

Gresham made a plea for the gun violence end in Chicago.

“Please, please, please, stop. Because I could be burying my daughter today instead of sitting here,” she said.

An $11,000 reward has been offered information leading to the arrest of whoever was responsible.