Lil Durk Says He’s Being Blackballed From Performing In DC

Lil Durk made his way to Washington D.C. Thursday for a scheduled performance at Howard Theatre for his “Everywhere I Go” tour. But Durk revealed during an interview with PatIsDope that him and his OTF camp weren’t allowed to perform due to a fight that broke out.

“We was in front of the Howard Theatre. We was out there finna go in,” he said. “They paid us and everything, but me personally, I think people tryna blackball my name. Cause this the second time it happened out here. We go in, they told us a fight broke out. Fight break out everywhere. We still could’ve went in and showed love. Fishy sh-t going on with that sh-t. I f-ck with D.C. a hundred percent.

Durk is almost at the conclusion of his tour. He will wrap up his tour in Atlantic City and Wilmington, DE.