Lil’ Durk Says He Didn’t Hear From Chief Keef While In Jail

It appears Chief Keef may have failed to lend both financial and moral support to Lil’ Durk while he was incarcerated on a weapons charge.

But the “Dis Aint What You Want” rapper is not sweating the lack of support.

“Yeah, but at the same time, where I’m at. I’m doing me. I don’t really care about no one else, though,” Durk said.

Lil’ Durk elaborated he was provided limited phone privileges and preferred to speak with the mother of his children instead.

“But with stateville, you can only get one call a week… 15 minutes,” he explained. “So I ain’t calling them. I’m calling my baby momma. She just gonna relay messages.”

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Lil’ Durk was involved in an online spat with Sosa, disparaging the GBE fontman for failing to pay his $10,000 bond amount.

Durk later downplayed all notions of animosity between the two during an interview with Sway In The Morning.

“It was just a little bit of words,” Durk said. “It ain’t nothing major, though.”

Durk revealed he and Keef had a talk following their social media fallout.

“We had a little few words… we cooling right now,” he said. “I respected that. We respect each other.

We got love for each other. You know how Twitter is. Twitter gon take everything the wrong way.

Durk commented that social media wanted to see a beef, but the two aren’t going to feed into it.

“Twitter crazy cuz by being two of the biggest artists in Chicago, they gon want to see us beef,” he said. “But that ain’t gon happen, though. When I seen it in the Hip Hop Weekly, I’m like they tying their best.

“A few words ain’t nothing,” he said.

Watch Lil’ Durk’s “Sway In The Morning” interview below

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