Lil Durk Says Chicago Violence Is Deeper Than The Music: ‘They Don’t Want Us Doing Nothing Good For Ourselves’

Lil Durk expressed dissatisfaction with the media and Chicago Police Department for continuously pinning the blame on his music for the Windy City’s violence in episode four of Noisey’s “Chiraq” documentary.

“Every time somebody get killed or something, they say it’s cause our music,” he said. “I know it’s way deeper than that. They don’t want us doing nothing good for ourselves. If something happen and it ain’t got nothing to do with us, they’ll say ‘Oh, it was yall. Yall show is cancelled.’”

“Yall cancelling shows. F**k yall cancelling shows for? That’s letting them know what’s going on, too,” he added.

This happened to be the focal point of Durk’s song “Dis Ain’t What U Want” where he raps, “I got the police all into me, this ain’t what they want/In my own city, they hate on me, put weight on me/F**k TMZ, f**k breaking news and ABC/I can’t do no shows cause I terrify my city, they say I terrify my city.”

Check out episode four of Noisey’s “Chiraq” documentary.

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